Wedding in Syros | Honeymoon in Syros  

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Syros, the capital of Cyclades, the noble island with the two religions (Orthodox and Catholic) with its very beautiful city, Ermoupolis, and its buildings with the exquisite architecture is a place for a unique wedding and honeymoon in Greece.
The magnificent St. Nicolas church was founded in 1849 with plans of I. Metaxas, and officially launched in 1870.
The Little Venice in Ermoupolis below the church of St. Nicolas.
Next to the neo-classical mansions, the industrial chimneys, the tarsanas scaffolding, Neorio's cranes and tugs spread the three buildings that the City of Ermoupolis has given for the Industrial Museum of the city.
One of the largest town councils in the country, the work of German architect Ernesto Ziller, founded in 1876 and the inauguration took place in 1898.
The Labor Center.
The Apollon Theater.
The historic Cappuccino monastery in Upper Syros.
Taverns and rempetik corners, which sprang to look like from another era. Breathtaking view of the medieval city of Syros.
According to the tradition the philosopher of the 6th century Ferekydi had stayed in this cave.
The Kini Beach.