Wedding in Santorini | Honeymoon in Santorini  

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The island of Santorini, the mythical Atlantis, the jewel of Cyclades, the most impressive island in the whole world due to its famous caldera, with its country-side picturesque chapels overlooking the vast blue of the Aegean Sea, is the best place in Greece to celebrate a sensational wedding under colourful fireworks.
Santorini is one of the top three wedding and honeymoon destinations.
Wedding in Santorini
Wedding Oia Santorini
The beautiful village of Oia, built on a steep rock in the north-west part of Santorini.
The worlds most famous and unique sunset from the village of Oia overlooking the Aegean Sea.
Wedding Hotels in Santorini
Wedding Fira Santorini
Fira, the Capital of Santorini, built on the top of the rock of the Caldera.
The volcano of Santorini, erupted during the 15th century BC, resulting to the sinking of the central part of the island.
Volcano of Santorini
 Honeymoon Hotels Santorini
The most beautiful hotels of the island are built on the top of the Caldera with a spectacular view of the volcano and the deep blue-green of the Aegean Sea.
The island Thirasia was formed after the eruption of the volcano, as the half part of the island sinked into the sea.
Island Thirasia - Santorini
Wedding Churches Santorini
One of the most picturesque and romantic chapels of Santorini overlooking the deep blue sea.
The church roofs of Santorini with their traditional tower bells attract you.
Santorini's most famous church
Wedding Luxury Hotels Santorini
Many luxury hotels are located on the impressive rocky slope of Imerovigli village looking to the Aegean.
A picturesque paved road in beautiful Oia.
 Traditional Village Oia Santorini
Famous white wines Santorini
Santorini produces its own world famous white wines of a different taste due to the pumice of the soil.
You can arrive tī the top of the island on foot or by riding a donkey.
Local images of Santorini
Honeymoon in Santorini
Oia has a unique view of incomparable beauty which can not be found anywhere else in the whole world.
A beautiful house court of Santorini.
Traditional House Santorini
Pre-historic wall paint copy
Prehistoric mosaic decoration representing the fishermen life of ancient Santorini..
A picturesque fish-village located in Akrotiri, the southern part of the island.
Picturesque port in Akrotiri
Ammoudi a fisherman's village
Ammoudi is the most picturesque fisherman's village located in the northern part of the island.
The Boxers. Fresco from the prehistoric site of Santorini.
Pre-historic wall paint copy from Akrotiri
Dominican Monastery
The Dominican Monastery in Fira, the Capital of Santorini island.
Medieval Tower in Emporio Village.
Medieval Tower
Wonderful view
Wonderful view of the sunset from one of the innumerable graphic villages.
The pure white coloured chapels of Santorini are spread all over the island .
Christian Orthodox Church
Perissa's beach
The beach of Perissa, is very popular during the summer and usually gathers a lot of people
The ruined castle Skaros viewing to the island Thirasia, part of Santorini island in ancient years.
Landscape in Santorini
Prehistoric mosaic decoration in Santorini
Prehistoric mosaic decoration representing the fishermen life of ancient Santorini.
Kamari, the black-pebbled beach on the east side of Santorini island.
Kamari Beach
Traditional local churches
Traditional, local architecture of three churches on one construction (called Triklintra)
In Santorini there are luxury, traditional hotels with a fascinating view to the Aegean Sea and the volcano.
Wedding Luxury Hotels in Santorini
Traditional Architecture
Santorini is a dream-island of natural beauty and unique architecture.
Thousands of tourists every day are enthralled by the "golden" sunset of the island of Santorini.
Oia the most picturesque village in Santorini
Dreamy sunset in Santorini
Even cats cannot resist the temptation of admiring the islands natural beauty.