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Samos, in the Aegean Sea, the island of the great Philosopher Pythagoras and the talented ancient engineer Eupalinos, with the gigantic Temple of the goddess Hera, its excellent wines of world-wide reputation and beautiful sea-shores, is a wonderful place in Greece for a wedding and honeymoon.
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At Iraion, the large archaeological site of the island and where according to tradition, the great goddess Hra was born and raised, are the ruins of the Imbrasia Ira temple.
A miracle of technique and skill dated back to the 6th century B,C. which irrigated the ancient town.
Archeological Museum
Among the displays, the gigantic statue of Kouros stands out at a height of 5,5 meters and the sculpture of Samios Geneleou (6th century B.C.) dedicated to goddess Hra.
The Pythagorian is the unique cultural ornament of the Aegean and it has been declared by UNESCO as the "Monument of Universal Cultural Inheritance".
Paleontology Museum
Bones of prehistoric of spinal animals, joints of creatures of Samos, milky teeth and other bones. The most precious finding is the stoned skull of Ipparios which is estimated 13 million years old.
A small village close to the beach and situated in a privileged setting, as it combines the fully green location with its golden beaches.
Cave of Pythagora
Church of Timios Stavros
Church of Zoodoho Pigi