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Wedding in Rhodes
Wedding & Honeymoon in Rhodes
Honeymoon in Rhodes


Rhodes, the Historic Island of the Knights and the most famous statue of the "Colossus" one of the Seven World Wonders, with its pleasant climate, the unique antiquities and the nice beaches is an incomparable place of a honeymoon stay in Greece.
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The deer is the symbol of Rhodes.
Statues of deers are decorating the entrance to the main harbor of the town, where was situated the famous statue of Colossus, one of the Seven World Wonders.
The commercial town of Rhodes (Mandraki) and just behind the Medieval Castle of the Knights (14th century AD) surrounding the Old Town.
The impressive entrance to the Palace of the Great Magistrate, of the Order of Knights.
One of the most magnificent gates through which you can enter, even by car, into the Old Town.
Another aspect of the unique medieval construction of the Castle of Knights.
The picturesque harbor of Rhodes from another point of view.
The central hall of the Palace with its magnificent floor mosaic decoration, representing the Nine Muses (1st century AD).
An idyllic zoo in the modern section of Rhodes Town, where you can meet free deers all over the place.
Temple of Apollo (2nd century BC) situated on the highest part of the Town.
Many films are shot in the "Tropical" beach of Kallithea, North-East of the Island.
The 13th century Church in Filerimos, dedicated to the Virgin, of exceptional architectural interest, located close to the Ancient Temple of Athena and Zeus (3rd century BC).
Ancient Kamiros, one of the most important archeological sites of Rhodes (6th century B.C.).
Rhodes is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the deep green blue waters.
There are so many areas of unique natural beauty to be discovered in the island.
Lindos, the most ancient site of Rhodes, constructed up on an impressive rock, with its breathtaking view, birthplace of Kleovoulos, one of the seven wise men of the Ancient world (6th century BC), is the number one High Light if Rhodes.