Wedding in Pelion | Honeymoon in Pelion  

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Pelion, the mountain of the Argonauts, the centaurs and the battle of Titans, the mountain of Jason and Achilles with its superb forests and admirable seashores is a place for an idyllic wedding and honeymoon in Greece.
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Pelion is the most beautiful place in Greece! It is so beautiful that you can not describe it with words, but only with pictures like this one.
The beaches of Pelion are of unsurpassed beauty! At most of them the olive trees reach up to the sea offering visitors welcoming shades
  The picturesque sites of Pelion are many and breathtaking! Someone can enjoy them all throughout the four seasons
Most houses at Pelion are designed and built maintaining the traditional architecture, local design and style, which are in agreement with the natural surroundings of the mountain and the foliage
The beach of Afissos is one of the most beautiful beaches of western Pelion.
The square of Agia Paraskevi at Tsagarada is one of the most beautiful and quaint village squares of Pelion. The middle of the square is dominated by the oldest platan tree of Pelion
Milopotamos is one of the most beautiful beaches of east Pelion and also the most popular among locals and tourists
Agios Lavrentios is the oldest and most picturesque monastery of western Pelion.
The extesnive beach of Agios Ioannis is visited by many all year long, offering a large number of hotels and quaint inns, taverns serving fresh fish and lounge bars.
From the church of Agious Taxiarhes, located at the village of Portaria, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful city of Volos which is not only amazing but also captivating.
The beach of the city of Volos is one of the most beautiful beaches which gather a lot of people not only for its beauty but also for its famous "tsipouradika" located there.
The archaeological museum of Volos is one of the most interesting museums which exibits the oldest prehistoric findings in Europe. The findings are from the areas of Dimini and Sesklo, which are the most ancient European communities of the neo-lithic period of 5000 - 7000 B.C.
The beach of Potistika, located at the village of Xinovrisi of east Pelio, is one of the most stunning sandy beaches, and part of which hosts nudists.
Fisherman who come out during sunset, create exotic pictures and beautify the tranquility of the scenery
The beach of Papa-Nero, located at east Pelion, stands out for its natural beauty.
The church located at the square of Makrinisa, decorates this marvelous village with the design and style of Pelion.
The beach of Mourtias at southeast Pelio, stands out for tis rocky beauty.
The bountiful reserves of crystal running waters of Pelion, often is the central decorative highlight in the village squares. They offer tourists a sense of serenity and can excite their nature loving side.
The exotic beach of Eden, located at east Pelion and next to the much frequented Agios Ioannis, is easily accessible and especially unique.
The area around the the beach of Horefto, haven to Zagora the largest village of Pelion, is a fertile land with a large variety of fruit trees including Pelion's famous apple trees and grapevines.
The beach of Horefto is one of the most beautiful organised beaches at the East Coast of Pelion with a lot of traditional fish-taverns.
The island of Trikeri is located within the Pagasitiko Gulf of Pelion. The island is overflowing with olive trees and is a retreat of magnificent tranquility for all who visit but also for all the birds on the island since there are no cars or any other form of man-made sound.
Access to the island of Trikeri is possible from the port of Alogoporos at Pelion. Transport to the island is done by sea-taxis/fishing boats.
Pelion, the one place in Greece with incomparable beauty, the mountain where Jason and Achilles were taught and of the mythological centaurs, is the perfect location for idyllic honeymoon