Wedding in Mykonos | Honeymoon in Mykonos  

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Mykonos, the highly regarded cosmopolitan Cycladic island of Apollo and Artemis with its neighbouring sacred islet of Delos graced with remarkable antiquities, is a unique spot to celebrate your wedding in Greece.
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The world famous windmills in the Town of Mykonos. Around them you will find many hotels, bars and restaurants.
The unique picturesque staircases in the narrow streets of Mykonos.
The old port.
The beach with the famous parties, Paradise
One of the most beautiful locations in Mykonos, the Paraga beach.
The small chirch of St. Charalampis, under the characteristic windmills.
In the many tourist shops of the Town of Mykonos, you will find various things to buy, from expensive jewllery to cycladitic artifacts.
The popular picturesque small streets of the Town of Mykonos.
The beautiful old port of Mykonos. You can get a boat to take you to the archaeological site of the island Delos.
Little Venice, the most popular and breathtaking spot of the island.