Wedding in Athens | Honeymoon in Athens  

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Athens, the city of wisdom, of the Golden Age of architecture, sculpture, philosophy, theatre and democracy with its incomparable archaeological sites, museums and important cultural events and festivals is a wonderful place for an exceptional wedding and a special honeymoon.
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The Parthenon, situated on the rock of the Acropolis, attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world. It is considered the symbol of culture, wisdom, art and democracy.
Athens, the capital of Greece, was named after the ancient goddess of Olympus, the goddess of wisdom, Athena.
Athens is a city with a magnificent architecture that flourished in the 5th century BC.
The Doric Temple of Hephaestus under the Acropolis, which attracts the tourists' interest, is one of the best preserved ancient Greek temples.
The Ancient Market of Athens (the Agora) is the continuity of the Ancient Roman Market.
The Arcade of Attalos (Stoa of Attalos) is one of today's many remarkable archaeological museums situated in the centre of the Ancient Market and today's old Athens.
Picture from the much frequented old Athens.
A scenic picture from old Athens.
Magnificent Ionian style buildings in the centre of Athens.
The Gate of Adrianos (2nd century BC) that separated the old city from the new one.
The Temple of Zeus Olympus, the biggest temple in ancient Athens (6th century BC).
Another beautiful aspect of Athens.
The Tower of the winds, situated in the Roman Market of Athens and under the Acropolis, is an exceptional edifice which represents the eight winds with embossed winged people.
One of the neoclassic houses of old Athens.
Saint Catherine's church located in a quaint neighbourhood near the Arch of Adrianos in old Athens.
Many tourist shops draw the tourists' interest.
Many traditional restaurants (taverns), in the centre of Athens, serving exquisite local food in a friendly atmosphere.
A genuine neoclassic building under the Acropolis.
The ancient Greek Gods are often represented on the edifices in the form of outstanding sculptures and pediments.
Zeus and Athena have a special place in the centre of the pediments.
One of the picturesque squares in the centre of Athens.
The ancient monument of Lyssicrates in a beautiful area in Athens.
During the summer in Athens it is worth visiting the traditional little taverns that stay open until late at night.
In old Athens, apart from the traditional taverns, there are also mezes restaurants that offer varieties of exceptional local mezes (traditional appetizers).
The owl was the symbol of ancient Athens, the symbol of wisdom, still appears on top of many buildings.
Apollo, the god of light, spirit and art, also named by Ancient Greeks God "Helios".
The temple of Poseidon located in the area of Sounio, near Athens, is a magical place especially during sunset, because it combines the natural ambience of the sunset with the renowned architecture of the ancient Greeks. In addition, is a historic site which thousands of tourists from all over the world are visiting daily.