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Santorini, the mythical Atlantis, the jewel of Cyclades, the most impressive island in the whole world due to its famous caldera, with its country-side picturesque chapels looking at the vast bleu of the Aegean Sea, is the most suitable place in Greece to celebrate a sensational wedding under variegated fireworks.

Paros, the most beautiful island with its imaginary sandy beaches, the snow-white little houses and the exquisite sea-food tit-bits and snacks, is the most touristic island in the heart of the colourful Cyclades suitable for an enjoyable honeymoon in Greece.

Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades, the heart of the ancient Cycladic civilization, the island of Dionysos and Ariadni with the nice sandy beaches and scenic islands that surround it, is a place for a mythical honeymoon.


Crete, the most beautiful island of Greece, the island of mythical Minos, the native place of Zeus with its unparalleled beaches of exceptional beauty, the unique gorges and canyons, the palm-tree forests, the warm hospitality of the inhabitants with their traditional wholesome diet, is the most ideal part of Greece for a wedding tour or an unforgettable honeymoon.

Peloponnese, the birthplace of the Olympic Games and the ancient and renowned Mycenean civilization, with its stunning islands of Hydra and Spetses, the inhabitable until today castle of Monemvasia and its traditional hotels of Mani, build solely with stones, is a special place in Greece for your wedding vacation.

The historic island of the Ionian Sea, Zakynthos, the island of poetry and music with the multicoloured flowers, the traditional serenades (cantades) and the wonderful beaches with the intense Venetian architectural color is a special place in Greece for a picturesque wedding and honeymoon.

Kythera, the most beautiful island of the celestial Aphrodite, with its admirable beaches, the Venetian picturesque villages and its unique geology is an ideal island in Greece for a romantic honeymoon.


Rhodes, the historic island of the Knights and famous Colossus one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, with its pleasant climate and most significant antiquities, is incomparable for a wedding-tour in Greece.

Poetic Lesbos, the island of the famous Sappho, Alcaeus and wise Pittacos, the biggest of the north Aegean Sea, with its antiquities of importance, the unique petrified forest and its attractive shores and beaches, is a beautiful part of Greece for a pleasant honeymoon trip.

Kos, the island of the father of medicine Hippocrates and the Knights of The Order of Saint John in the middle of the Dodecanese with its temperate climate is an island for an exciting wedding-trip in Greece.


Corfu, the paradisial Ionian island, the island of the wedding of Jason and Medea, the island of the Odyssey, is an ideal place for an unforgettable honeymoon in Greece.

Kefallonia, the all green Homeric island, the biggest in the Ionian Sea, with its dreamy beaches, the extensive strands, the picturesque inlets and the well-known colourful fishing villages, the island that attracts Hollywood stars, celebrities and V.I.P.'s, is a particular place in Greece for a cosmopolitan wedding and unforgettable honeymoon trip.

Leykada, the green and lacy island of the Ionian Sea with its beautiful beaches and its green and blue waters, its exotic surrounding small islands is one of the most relaxing places in Greece for a wedding and honeymoon and a place which can satisfy even the most demanding tourist as far as his accommodation and excursions.

Paxi, the island Poseidon, ancient Greek God in the Ionian Sea, calm, verdant, full of olive groves, with its attractive, charming inlets, the unique in the world sea-caves and its famous sea-food, is a serene spot suitable for a honeymoon trip in Greece.

Ithaka,he beautiful Homeric island of Odysseus and Penelope, is a very graphic place for a wedding and honeymoon offering many natural attractions, ancient history, alluring night life and traditional small villages.


Pelion, the mountain of Argonauts, centaurs and the battle of Titans, the mountain of Jason and Achilles with its superb forests and admirable seashores is a place for an idyllic wedding and honeymoon in Greece

Chalkidiki, the native country of the great philosopher Aristoteles, with the Holy Mountain Athos and its outstanting sea-shores and gleamy sandy beaches, is an all green captivating headland in the north Aegean Sea in Greece, ideal for a superb wedding-tour.

Skiathos, the all green picturesque island of the north Sporades, in the extent of Pelion with its idyllic beaches, is a beautiful spot in Greece for a romantic wedding and honeymoon.


Samos, in the Aegean Sea, the island of the great Philosopher Pythagoras and the talented ancient engineer Eupalinos, with the gigantic temple of goddess Hera, its excellent wines of world-wide reputation and beautiful sea-shores, is a wonderful place in Greece for a wedding and honeymoon.

Historic Chios, the island of the legendary Homer and Christopher Colombus, the rich Aegean island of ship-owners, with its mild, moderate and healthy climate and many attractive sea-shores, is a beautiful place for an enjoyable honeymoon trip in Greece.

Athens, the city of wisdom, of the Golden Age of architecture, sculpture, philosophy, theatre and democracy with its incomparable archaeological sites, museums and important cultural events and festivals is a wonderful place for an exceptional wedding and particular honeymoon.


Mykonos, the highly regarded cosmopolitan Cycladic island of Apollo and Artemis with its neighbouring sacred islet of Delos graced with remarkable antiquities, is a unique spot to celebrate your wedding in Greece.

Syros, the capital of Cyclades, the noble island with the two religions (Orthodox and Catholic) with its very beautiful city, Ermoupolis, and its buildings with the exquisite architecture is a place for a unique wedding and honeymoon in Greece.

Amorgos, the famous island of the endless blue at the center of the Aegean Sea is a special place for a wedding and honeymoon combining the local tradition, cuisine and the architecture of Cyclades, as well as the warm hospitality of its people.

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